Wu Sia Fong
b. 1992, Taipei, TW
Lives and works in Taipei, TW




吳夏鳳,1992年生,畢業於台南應用科技大學,藝術與靈魂療癒研究者。目前以畫作、文字,進行自性的探討與研究。其中方式包含薩滿療癒、脈輪靜心、TMI (the monroe institute)。受奇幻與潛意識的啟發,將作品呈現稱為「靈魂的衝動」。

Graduated from Tainan University Technology of Fine art. work/research art of healing and spiritual. study and explore the 〝self〞. The method including Shamanism, Charcka meditation, TMI(The monron institute), To inspire with mystery and subconscious. let a creation presentation call of 〝compulsive in the soul〞